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Been in a Car Accident? We Can Help!

February 22, 2011 / Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, one of the first things you should do after calling the police and receiving medical attention is to call an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The sooner you contact us at Malhotra, Stayshyn & Wilson, the sooner you will be able to get back on your feet. To do so, it is important that an Accident Benefits Application be submitted to your insurance company immediately and our legal team of lawyers and law clerks will help the injured person complete the complex and voluminous amount of insurance forms. Once the forms are submitted, our legal team will encourage and assist the injured person in getting effective treatment, including Home and Work Assessments with an Occupational Therapist, any medical rehabilitation required and psychological counseling. The team will also be aggressive in ensuring that all treatment providers are paid through your accident benefits insurer and/or OHIP. And, in the event your insurer refuses to pay the lawyers will mediate to ensure your benefits are paid and with interest.

While off work and attending your treatment, your legal team will ensure you are receiving your Income Replacement Benefits and/or Long Term Disability. They will also be aggressive in making sure the victim receives all other benefits to which they are entitled, such as Housekeeping and Home maintenance Benefits, Caregiver Benefits and Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits.

Your legal team are honest and aggressive and will work on the side of the client and work hard for the client’s best interests. And, at Malhotra, Stayshyn and Wilson, the process begins with helping the victims with their Accident Benefits and working with the victim’s insurer to get all available benefits paid promptly