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Stayshyn law offices can help when you have been denied life insurance 

We understand how devastating it can be to lose a loved one or family member.  We have assisted many clients whose life insurance claims have been denied and helped them to successfully resolve their claims. 

Mr. Nurse and his team went above and beyond for our family. Their time, understanding, knowledge and compassion surpassed our expectations. They never stopped trying to help us get the proper assistance and continued to support us right to the end.

Ramona L
July, 2018

Employers may offer life insurance under a group policy but many people purchase individual policies that are subject to medical underwriting.  Individual policies take into consideration a person’s medical history and do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

Life insurance claims can be denied and are often denied because of pre-existing conditions.  It is important to seek legal advice if you, as the beneficiary of a policy, have submitted a claim for life insurance benefits and the claim was denied.  Our lawyers will advise you as to how long you have to start a court action and what documents are required for a successful lawsuit. 

If you are seeking compensation, call our firm today at 905-777-0070 for a free consultation.  One of the professionals on our intake team will conduct a pre-interview with you before connecting you with a lawyer who has experience in cases like yours.  TS Law is trusted success. 

Don’t worry about talking to us—your initial consultation with a lawyer in our office or at your home is free.