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Brain injury or concussion in Hamilton, Haldimand County or elsewhere in Southern Ontario?  Stayshyn Law Offices can help you get the injury compensation you deserve.

If a traumatic brain injury or concussion wasn’t your fault, why pay the consequences? 

My experience with Stayshyn Law Offices was excellent from the start to finish. Mr. Stayshyn and his staff are professional, accurate and courteous and he takes great care in ensuring that my best interest was taken care of. I appreciated the professionalism from Mr. Stayshyn and his staff and getting my case resolved in a timely manner.

P J Nurmi-Thongman
January 21, 2021

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident which has caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion (mTBI), it can be a very distressing time.  The brain is an extremely important yet fragile part of the body.  Violent blows or jolts to the head are often caused by motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall accidents.  Having an injury of any type can be overwhelming.  When you have a head injury this can add further stress as you may have to take an extended leave from work. 

When a brain injury occurs, a proper diagnosis and swift treatment is vital to prevent long term symptoms.  Having a brain injury is an upsetting time but staying calm and recognizing symptoms can help manage expectations should your concussion or brain injury lawsuit go to court.  Let our brain injury compensation specialists be the professional guide you need.  Helping people pursue brain injury compensation is what we do.  We’ve been doing it for years.  It all starts by simply giving us a call for a free consultation.  Put your trust in our team who are more than adept at handling the intricacies of your case.  TS Law is trusted success. 

If you are seeking compensation, call our firm today at 905-777-0070 for a free consultation.  One of the professionals on our intake team will conduct a pre-interview with you before connecting you with a lawyer who has experience in cases like yours.   

Don’t worry about talking to us—your initial consultation with a lawyer in our office or at your home is free.