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Injured in a pedestrian accident in Hamiton, Haldimand County, or elsewhere in Southern Ontario?  Stayshyn Law Offices is on your side.

Waking up to the sun shining, a gentle breeze blowing, and birds chirping is a great reason to head out for a walk.  So, you get up, get ready, and soon find yourself in a hospital bed after being hit by a vehicle.   

They never stopped trying to help my mother get proper assistance and continued to support us right to the end.

My mother was injured by a motor vehicle while crossing at a cross-walk on her way to do her grocery shopping. After an intense process, various medical appointments and evaluations the case was finally settled without having to go to court. Mr. Nurse and his Team, went above and beyond for my mother. Their time, understanding, knowledge and compassion surpassed my expectations. They always called in advance to remind me of our appointments and communicated progress updates.

Steve Lastiwka

Most times when a driver strikes a person, the driver claims to have not seen the person they hit until it was too late.  Whether it is distracted driving or someone dashing across the street instead of using a crosswalk, the consequences can be life-changing for the unprotected and vulnerable pedestrian.  Car and truck drivers are protected by the interior of the car or truck, including airbags and seatbelts. 

In any case that focuses on pedestrian accidents, the driver will have to prove he did everything he could to avoid the person he struck.  Unfortunately, being right or wrong will not speed up a person’s recovery.  Let Stayshyn Law Offices be your guide to resolution. 

Pedestrian accidents are always serious and having expert lawyers at your side goes a long way. 

If you are seeking compensation, call our firm today at 905-777-0070 for a free consultation.  One of the professionals on our intake team will conduct a pre-interview with you before connecting you with a lawyer who has experience in cases like yours.  TS Law is trusted success. 

Don’t worry about talking to us—your initial consultation with a lawyer in our office or at your home is free.