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There are many situations where someone has failed to keep their property reasonably safe and you have fallen and injured yourself, for example, cracked, broken, or icy sidewalks or parking lots. You may have slipped and fallen inside a store, residential or commercial building. If you have been the victim of a fall in someone’s building or elsewhere, it may that the owner or responsible person was negligent.

Without them I would have been lost but they guided me through this difficult process as I had 0 experience with lawsuits. It was a pleasure doing business with this law firm, and you can trust your case to Stayshyn Law Offices

Susan T
September, 2019

Trip and falls don’t have to be over your own feet

Owners and occupiers of property in Ontario hold a responsibility to keep that property safe and reasonably free of hazards.  This obligation extends to private homeowners, business establishments and municipal governments.  If an owner or occupier fails to take proper care, an injury can result to a visitor, patron or passerby.  But be aware there are notice periods that must be complied with immediately.

At Stayshyn Law Offices we recommend that you do the following immediately:

  • Put the at fault party on written notice and include your name, date of birth, and date, time and location of the incident and injuries sustained; depending on who the at fault party is these notice periods can be very short (as little as 10 days) and if you fail to do so, your claim could be barred, so call Stayshyn Law Office immediately to learn about what time frames and procedure apply to your facts. 
  • Take pictures of the scene.
  • Measure and photograph the trip ledge or the hole.
  • Get the contact details of any witnesses.
  • Keep your footwear and do not use it again.
  • Save any documents that prove you were at the location of the incident.

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, you do not need to suffer the effects without assistance.  Let the lawyers at Stayshyn Law Offices in Hamilton or Haldimand County help you.  While a slip-and-fall claim can be a challenging legal endeavour, everyone who has been hurt has the right to seek legal advice.  Our lawyers will let you know where you stand and what we can do to help.

If you are seeking compensation, call our firm today at 905-777-0070 for a free consultation.  One of our professionals on our intake team will conduct a pre-interview with you before connecting you with a lawyer that has experience in cases like yours.  TS Law is trusted success.

In Ontario there are a number of restrictions on when and how you can start a lawsuit.

Some of the timelines are very short, call us immediately to ensure your rights are protected and you do not miss any time frames or legal steps. One of the professionals on our intake team will conduct a pre-interview with you before connecting you with a lawyer who has experience in cases like yours.

Don’t worry about talking to us—your initial consultation with a lawyer in our office or at your home is free.