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I Had A Car Accident While I Was In The Course Of Employment, Now What Do I Do?

March 7, 2011 / Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you were in the course of employment during a car accident and injured you may have a choice to make whether to pursue compensation through car insurance or through workers compensation.  It is a very technical area with many pitfalls and it is imperative that you contact our personal injury legal team to help guide you through it.

If a person is entitled to WSIB (Workers Compensation) as well as SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage), then the person has to apply for WSIB. The only exception is that if injured person elects to bring a tort action against the at fault party.  The law states that “election is not made primarily for the purpose of claiming” SABS but rather to pursue a viable tort action, which means that case against at fault driver has merit.

Overall, each and every case is different.   Call our personal injury legal team today to explain all the options available to you.