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I have been bitten by a dog, should I call a lawyer?

July 17, 2019 / Category: Personal Injury Do’s & Don’ts

As the summer weather is now upon us, you can expect people to be out and about walking their dogs in parks and public locations, sometimes off their leash. The most common claims made are related to dog bites, but in some situations, you can also be injured by a dog as a result of being jumped up on or knocked over. The lawyers at TS law can explain what you should expect when it comes to the legal process resulting from a dog related injury.

What do I do after a dog related injury?

If you have been bitten or injured by a dog, you need to identify the owner as soon as possible, after seeking medical attention if necessary. In most cases the owner will be near by and easy to identify, but sometimes a dog related injury can happen as a result of a run away dog. If you can identify the owner, make sure to obtain their name, address, phone number and email contact information. As a health and safety precaution, you may also want to confirm that the dog is up to date with its vaccinations, although this is not relevant to a lawsuit.

A lawsuit involving a dog related injury has two parts – Liability and Damages

This can also be described as “fault.” In a dog related injury, it needs to be determined who is at fault for the dog bite or dog related injury. For example, was the injured person was doing something to provoke the dog to result in an injury? Or could the owner have prevented the injury involving their dog?


Typically, compensation for damages in dog related injury cases depends on the severity of your injuries, such as scarring from a bite, or where the scarring is located. For example, facial scarring that has significantly altered your appearance may attract a higher award for damages. In addition, your general pain and suffering damages can also be associated by psychological issues, including fear of attending public places that may have dogs in attendance, nightmares following the attack, and even cases of PTSD.

Treatment costs are related to general damages, such as the out of pocket expenses that are incurred for disinfectant or bandages. However, in the extreme cases where psychological counselling or laser therapy to reduce scarring is required, the costs related can be expensive and those damages may also be recovered. If you have to miss work as a result of a dog related injury, you may recover lost earnings as well.


Often, home insurance will be the source of any compensation you will receive from a dog related injury. If the dog owner does not have home insurance or any other financial means to cover a claim, you may have to evaluate the probability of being awarded any compensation directly from the dog owner.

It is best to contact one of the lawyers at TS Law to help you evaluate what the best options are in your particular situation. We have the knowledge to guide you through the process and come to a determination on whether a lawsuit would be worth pursuing.

If you have been seriously injured by a dog bite, we strongly recommend that you contact our highly experienced personal injury lawyers immediately to ensure your future is protected. At TS Law, there are no legal fees unless you win, and our experienced team of litigators will come to you, if necessary, for a free no obligation consultation, regardless if your injuries have you in the hospital or at home.

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