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I Was Just in a Car Accident, What Do I Do Now?

February 24, 2011 / Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Do’s and Don’ts in the event of a car accident;

  • DO not leave the accident scene
  • DO stop immediately, but safely
  • DO not admit fault
  • DO call the police immediately
  • DO call an ambulance immediately
  • DO visit a hospital or your family doctor immediately
  • DO not deny any injuries (never say “I think I am OK”).
  • DO take pictures (or video) and write down all of your thoughts.
  • DO draw a diagram of the accident events and scene.
  • DO obtain the name, address, license number, phone number, registration number, and insurance information from all other persons involved in the accident
  • DO obtain the name, address, and phone number of all witnesses to the accident
  • DO not talk to the insurance company of any other person involved in the accident without legal representation, if you have been injured.
  • DO notify your insurance company immediately (but do not give a recorded statement until you have obtained a lawyer).  Your insurer is assessing your compensation limits from the moment you call.
  • DO protect your legal rights, and obtain legal counsel immediately
  • DO always – Be honest and ensure the accident information is recorded accurately by police, ambulance, hospital and doctors.