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Internet Can Harm Injured Victims Cases Unknowingly

March 11, 2011 / Category: Frequently Asked Questions

Defence lawyers and insurance companies routinely search the internet including Facebook, YouTube and other popular social media sites for any information that they may use against an injured victim in a personal injury case.  They will use this information and try to create a perception that favours their case. The perception may not be reality or accurate but nonetheless it may give Insurance Companies and Defence lawyer’s potential arguments to be used against the injured victim.

You may think this information is confidential or private but the Courts are now ordering production of web site content such as Facebook. The leading cases that deal with this issue include:


Terry v. Mullowney & Terry v. Sinclair, 2009 NLTD 56 (CanLII)


Leduc v. Roman, 2009 CanLII 6838 (ON S.C.)


Schuster v. Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada, 2009 CanLII 58971 (ON S.C.)


Frangione v. Vandongen et al., 2010 ONSC 2823 (CanLII)


Kent v. Laverdiere, 2009 CanLII 16741 (ON S.C.)


If you have been injured in an accident we strongly recommend that you not use Face book or other social media web sites until you have gone over your case in full with our personal injury legal team.   Further we strongly recommend that you ensure your family and friends do not post pictures or comments about on the internet as this may also be used against you by the insurance companies and defence lawyers. Call us Today  to make sure your rights are protected!