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We take all injuries seriously.

No fee unless you win.

Working with Other Lawyers

At Stayshyn Law Offices we have extensive experience working on Personal Injury cases. In addition, our cases are reviewed by a former Superior Court Judge with over 40 years of judicial experience in personal injury cases. We have a long history of respecting the referrals we have received from other lawyers in the Province of Ontario. While personal injury law may not be your area of expertise, you can trust Stayshyn Law Offices to obtain the best results for your clients. We have flexible Referral Fee arrangements. We will also provide your clients with a free initial consultation. In addition, you can refer your clients knowing that they will not be charged a fee unless they win their case.

We know you that your professional reputation is at stake when you refer your clients to other lawyers. Stayshyn Law Offices respects the relationship you have with your client and you can rest assure that we will exceed your client's expectations for professional service and outstanding results for their personal injury claim.

Please contact us and we would be happy to attend at your offices to discuss how our firm can help meet the needs of your clients.